Color Series – Orange


Color Series – Orange

Orange happens somewhere between the color yellow and the color red. Mixing those colors together just creates fun, hot happy fun. Orange is a brilliantly loud, warm flavor on the color wheel. Things orange-colored happen to be some of my favorites, orange citrus fruit, tangerines, kumquats, apricots, nasturtiums, marigolds and zinnias,  calico cats, Tide detergent, orange gumballs, cheddar cheese, Creamsicles, stripped tigers, pumpkins, sweet potato fries, candy corn, school buses, habanero peppers, carrots, Orange Crush, Tang, New Mexico sunsets, Jim Carrey’s tuxedo in Dumb and Dumber,  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and Cheetos! This is such a interesting color game to play, finding things that are colors you love.

Other orange things around us include jailed inmates jumpsuits, street repair signs, the Denver Broncos, paprika, monarch butterflies, rust, Agent Orange, 

A site on Instagram is titled, “KillWinterWithOrange”.  Check it out, its mostly postings using orange pens filled with orange ink. My gallery did a themed show last winter with that title, “Kill Winter With Orange”. Artwork for the show truly warmed up the gallery using the color orange. 

Artistically speaking, if you have orange you must have blue. Blue will calm the festive, flighty nature of orange. And the reverse is also true, orange will add a bit of spice and light to a rather cool, blue piece.  Opposites really do attract and opposites are necessary for interest and completeness in painting.

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