May 25th


May 25th

On May 25, 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly took a backseat to murder and mayhem in Minneapolis with the death of George Floyd at the hands of four police officers. The nightly news became a collage of unexpected things, horrible things, tragic things, and often very dark things.  Things were happening faster than my brain could process them. Dozens of small businesses and large corporate businesses were destroyed or burned to the ground. The American people demanded changes be made.

Concern over social-distancing and mask-wearing took a backseat to protests, riots and looting all over the US. Virus numbers are now on the rise because of the close contact of protesters.  

Thankfully the protests in our area supporting events in larger cities have been peaceful and without incident. Trying once again to define our “new normal” continues to be difficult.  Someone somewhere is always offended by something.  

The way I cope with the overwhelming events is to make entries in my art journals. From the beginning of the pandemic I felt a strong need to journal the timeline of events of the COVID virus and to document my feelings and thoughts alongside what was happening in the world.   

All of these events make me constantly wonder how my small business is expected to survive through all of this.

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