Intentions for 2020


Intentions for 2020

It’s now a new year and a new decade (How is that possible and where did the last 20 years go??!) We have all been given the gift of starting over this year which traditionally means it’s a time for new resolve and intent. It seems as though the most common resolutions involve losing weight, getting organized, cleaning out stuff, downsizing, getting finances under control, less spending, managing stress, managing screen time, more focus on self-health, etc, etc. 

I’ve always been one to write down a few goals at the beginning of a new year hoping that something in my behavior might change because I DID write it down. Someone once said a goal is just a dream unless you write it down. 

Because I’m an artist with a studio full of art materials, my common yearly goal always seems to focus on “organizing my stuff”. And because I’m creative I feel that I must keep everything because I can “make something out of that” or “what a great idea, I should keep that for reference”. Both of those excuses have resulted in saving LOTS of great ideas that have filled my studio drawers, shelves, cabinets and files. In my lifetime I will never be able to absorb all of the information I have saved, sadly. And at my age I also realize that I am running out of time to actually create or make all of the projects that have been taking up so much space in my life. So, what to do? 

I think my word for the new year will be “prioritize”, to decide what I CAN do in the time I have left and what I WANT to do with the time I have left. For a person who thinks she can do everything and wants to do everything, this will be very, very hard. My children will thank me. The more I get rid of the more they will not have to worry about when I’m gone. But because I have spent a lifetime in the pursuit of art and artistic things, prioritizing means I have to choose to let go of some cherished items. 

Through this act of “letting go” I hope to find more time to actually create art instead of reviewing art that others have made. The act of sorting and choosing, however, is hard work and takes time, decisions must be made. But as fascinating and extremely inspirational as I find this sorting process, I really need to be creating my own art. 

So, wish me luck as I step proudly into 2020 to prioritize my art life and my art stuff. I will be working hard to excavate my art treasures in order to find some creative breathing space in which to truly pursue my dream of being a real artist. Ready, GO! 

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