Studio Life According to Chief


Studio Life According to Chief

If you haven’t taken the time to introduce yourself to our resident collie, Chief, you really should meet him.  Chief is a purebred Collie from the Ft. Collins, CO area.  He really belongs to my husband, Tom, and is actually the fifth Collie that Tom has had in his lifetime. 

A lot of people do not even know what kind of dog Chief is.  It usually dates a person if they DO know what kind of dog he is because those people grew up watching “Lassie” on TV.  All of the wonderful characteristics exhibited by Lassie on TV are evident in our dog, Chief.  Chief is an amazing friend, extremely loyal, and one of the most beautiful male collie dogs around.  He’s part of the herding family of dogs who take their job very seriously.  Chief is no exception.  At family gatherings his job is to make sure he knows where every single member of our family is all of the time and he’s constantly on watch.  Next to Tom, his favorite person in the whole world is our youngest grandson, perhaps because he IS the youngest and smallest. The joyful and happy barking goes on for several ear-splitting minutes when grandson shows up.

Collie dogs have been out of favor with the public for quite some time mainly because of the maintenance required to care for their long beautiful coats. That long beautiful hair collects on car seats, floors, socks, sweaters, and carpets.  Luckily, Tom has figured out a very efficient method of grooming for him.

Chief likes to lie where he has a clear view of both entrance doors to our gallery.  It’s important to him to see who is coming and going into our business.  Beware if you come in wearing a hat as he will be very suspicious of you and your head gear.

We at Artifacts 302 are a dog-friendly business as long as your dog is on a leash and is people-friendly.  We realize the importance of dogs (and cats, but that’s another post) in our lives.  Feel free to come in and meet our beautiful collie, he loves making new friends, and he really loves little people.

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